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Neal Klein, EdD:

I have taught at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as a professor for over 40 years, where I focus on the areas of counselling, holistic health, and cross-cultural psychology. One of my life quests is to expand the current prevailing paradigm about our human potential. My textbook A New Operating Manual for Being Human: A Humanistic/Holistic Perspective on Counseling Psychology and Personal Growth (2005) is part of this quest. My upcoming book, Me, Myself, and Mindfulness, presents these concepts to children.

Jan Wall, PhD:

I hold two Master’s degrees: the first in Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts, the other in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic University. My doctoral work, Integrating Contemplative Practice into the Undergraduate Pursuit of Finding and Following a Call, is from Lesley University. I authored the book The Answers Within, and articles related to mindfulness in the undergraduate experience. I am Director of Lesley University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Director of the college’s Internship Office, and teach in the Psychology/Applied Therapies Division.

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