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Examples of Future Visions of Holistic Healing 

Transforming Theory and Practices: All human services would address holistic healing of the whole person (mind, body, emotions, and spirit). 


Empowering Indigenous Peoples, New Immigrants and Refugees: All holistic practices would provide approaches that are decolonizing, culturally compatible and transformative.

Avoiding Cultural Appropriation: All practitioners would be respectful and ensure they did not undertake culturally appropriation.

Addressing Scope of Healing: Holistic healing practices would address broader community, national and global healing and transformation. 

Promoting Natural Health Services:  Holistic healing including natural medicine would be financed by governments to ensure universal access to all forms of counselling and health care.               


Emphasizing Social Change: All holistic practitioners would emphasize social justice and social change throughout their work.

Human Services 

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